Hello And Welcome to WebberDesigns

This has been put here to help us introduce ourselves. We design and provide internet websites and administration of them. We have been doing this since the mid to late 90s and have kept up with the techniques that will best server most businesses without wasting resources, manpower and of course MONEY.


Practically all our designs are specifically done to allow every internet user to get the greatest benefit from your site. After all, if you spend your money to get them to your site, what good is it if they leave almost immediately because they can't view or find the information on your site because of browser or other issues with a poorly designed site. We design to get EVERY internet user to your site and to keep them there when they find you! Utilizing modern methods and means that is supported by the widest range of browsers while shying away from little fads and sparkle that many designers fall for will get you the best results from your potential or existing customers. Most people do not want "flashy, neat little do-dads", what they want is information, help or are looking for a product or supplies. That's what we design for giving them what they want while still keeping a site modern and appealing.

Contact us if you are in need of our design services.


We will also administer over a web presence for you. That includes locating the best hosting solution that fits your needs at a cost that is comparable or better than others. We set up the domain, upload a site, control email, database solutions and get results when you need them.

We continuously check on the websites that we administrate to see what can be improved upon within your website. That includes searching logs to see what keywords were used to find your site, where traffic is coming from and what pages they visit while at your site. This allows us to determine the best way to draw customers to you and best way to help them utilize your product and services.


The internet has changed drastically over the years and search engines are no different. Practically every internet user utilizes a search engine or directory to locate sites they are wanted to visit. At one time it was enough to just get listed on one or two and you presence would increase. That is no more though, it takes a great deal of work to get a dominate presence and sometimes it simply cannot be done without substantial amounts of money being spent. Directories such as Yahoo and other dominant ones now charge $300 a year for listing businesses in their directories and while there are still a few free listing ones out there, they are not as easily found as they once were and even search engines such as google have become money driven giving preference to those that financially support them.

There are though still ways to insure better listing and page rating than others, even those that spend great deals of money to try to obtain such rankings. It's not always the amount of money you spend but what you spend it on that gets the best results. We strive to get you the best for the dollar that you spend and will continue to do so, that's our business model and that's what we're sticking with rather than a "how much can we get out of them" attitude.

Contact us if you would like us to see if we can help your internet experiences pay off better than they have been.